Monday, February 8, 2010

Expertise Yourself

What I mean is, be an expert on yourself! Who's better equipped to inform you of where to go from here? What's not working for you? What your fears are? What's the next step? How you sabotage your growth and success - than you!

And, you don't need no stinking 10,000 hours to do it! Be an expert on yourself, that is. All you need is to start taking more seriously the notions that go on in your mind. Notice, I didn't say follow the notion floating around in your head. I said take them seriously!

For instance, you might be wondering why you stay with a lover/friend/spouse, who treats you poorly. Now take that seriously! YOU asked the question, now give it some thought. Answer it. Go ahead give it your best shot. Might it be:?

1. Fear that you'll never find someone that will treat you better?
2. Greed - you don't want to go without the luxury items and lifestyle that go along with the "bad treatment"?
3. Feelings of inferiority or inadequacy that get masked through the false sense of security relationships can provide?
4. Is your experience that poor treatment is the flip side of the "love coin"?

Ok. Got an answer? Until you know the answer to the question YOU generate, you can't respect the part of you that may want better treatment.

As I sign out, all I have to say is - you're looking like a darn good expert!


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