Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Fork in the Road:as it pertains to relationships

One of Yogi Berra's famous quotes: "If you see a fork in the road - take it." Take it. Where it leads isn't nearly as important as the fact that you will be there. In other words, it's less about the destination, and more about how you'll show up to meet the challenges and rejoice in the positive aspects of the trip.

For instance, are you at the fork in the road of should I stay or should I go now? Regardless of which way you choose, you will be needing to show up to deal with the uncertainty and struggle embedded in each choice. You also will be the one experiencing the benefits associated with each choice.

It isn't about the fork in the road. It's about being with yourself in a way that gets you through it!

Don't worry about whether the selection is the right one, decide to be the best you every step along the way.

Happy travels,

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